Benefits Of Stainless Steel Expansion Joints In Alcohol Distillation

Beer and alcohol distillers have become famous in the industry for many years now; however, most people do not understand the process of producing alcohol. It is through a whole system of reactions with favourable conditions that result in the production of liquor and beer. The stainless steel expansion joints play an essential role in the entire distillation and production process; majorly, they provide stress relief on the piping system used because of the thermal and mechanical vibration or any movements that make the process successful.
This article will make you understand why you should always choose stainless steel expansion joints in alcohol and beer distillation. The following are the primary benefits or reasons why distiller should consider using stainless steel expansion joints in the process:

Extra information about stainless steel expansion joints

They are resistant to corrosion

Stainless steel is known for its nature of resisting any corrosion; all the types of stainless steel joints available in the market are resistant to corrosion, making them more preferable than any other type of joint.They have a corrosion resistance feature that enables them to form the oxide layer, which means you do not need to fabricate the joints as they can heal themselves whenever there is any form of corrosion. Moreover, even when the joints or pipes develop damage or are cut, they can quickly heal themselves without stopping the distillation process.

Strong and formable

The stainless steel joints and pipes typically offer a wide range of strength; however, most of them are made to be strong, and their strength remains the same despite the condition or work they are subjected to. The soft austenitic steel has a unique feature of elongation and elasticity which means it can be readily cold worked to produce finished products with semi fabrications. The toughness and strength of these joints make it possible for them to reach the final condition. For alcohol and beer distillers considering joints with enough strength should be the top priority.

Better magnetic response

When working on different alcohol and beer production processes, you do not need to use magnetic metal joints; instead, you need non-magnetic joints to avoid any separations on the systems. Therefore, various joints made from stainless steel are purely non-magnetic based on their grades, and thus one can induce different austenitic grades through the cold working process. However, grades such as 310 and 316 remain non-magnetic even through hard-working while the rest are magnetic.

Enhances better hygiene

Stainless steel joints are among the most accessible metals to clean; remember you are engaging in mass production of alcohol, and thus you do not need systems or metals that will take you decades to clean. Therefore, if you have them installed in your plant and systems, be sure to spend minimal time and resources to have them thoroughly cleaned. This means your production process will be cheaper as you will require less time and cleaning equipment to clean the joints on your system.

The bottom line

If you belong to the beer and alcohol production industry, you should be keen on the type of metals you use on your joints and pipes. Ensure you choose the best and economic ones to make everything better and successful